Tuesday, July 23, 2013

for the love of...CHEESE!

If you were on a desert island and could only have ONE type of cheese, what would it be? You see, I have a love affair with cheese, and consider it a food group all on it's own. A perfectly acceptable dinner in my house consists of cheese and triscuits, or cheese and wine, or just cheese. I love it. I'll blame it on my Wisconsin blood. 

Right now, I am completely obsessed with The Dubliner (Kerrygold) which I  buy in giant blocks from Sam's club.  Please tell...what's your favorite? 


  1. I would have to say Brie which I came to love late in life. It's super good on
    crackers and makes a great sandwich if you were so inclined to add a little turkey and some cranberry jelly...but you know this already.

  2. Not fair making us pick just one but for sheer versatility I choose muenster. Sweet and salty, on its own, on top of a sandwich, or as the star of a melty grilled cheese.