Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pears with Tupelo Honey and Extra Sharp Cheddar

Since I devoted a quick and inexpensive appetizer for the guys, I will devote this easy yet elegant appetizer to the ladies. The first time Josh and I were in Savannah, we discovered Savannah Bee Company and their perfect tupelo honey. In the main shop, they were serving slim slices of granny smith apples topped with local sharp cheddar cheese and honeycomb. I cheated and went through the tasting line more than once, and believe me, you would have too. 

I was smitten immediately, and we left Savannah with a gallon of this honey. When my Aunt Brenda sent us a case of Harry & David pears for Christmas, and I later discovered our favorite Tupelo Honey on sale at a local kitchen shop, I had a vision for this combination. For the record, those pears are going on my favorites list for Christmas 2014 - it was such a wonderful gift and we enjoyed every bite of every pear. 
Please know that I am sharing a great secret with you today, and I hope you take this simple combination to your next "book club" aka wine night and love it as much as we do!  


Pears with Tupelo Honey and Extra Sharp Cheddar

Harry & David Pears or Granny Smith Apples (it's worth splurging for good fruit) 
Tupelo honey or pure honeycomb from the Savannah Bee Company
Extra Sharp Vermont White Cheddar Cheese (I like Cabot)

On a large cutting board, set out slices of pears, cheese, and honey.

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