Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Favorite Running Gear

Here is my top list of cannot live without gear for runners! Tell me, what are your favorites? 
 - lululemon run inspire crop II - a little pricey at $86 dollars but my oldest pair is still going strong after over 2 years of running and I wear them ALL the time and for every race. 

 - yurbuds - not sure how I discovered these only recently but the sound quality is great and they fit perfectly. 

- tuneband for iPhone - I've tried a few different brands and I really like the snug fit and that my phone isn't covered with plastic so I can skip annoying songs on Pandora or change the station easily

-Mizuno wave riders - I recently switched from the Saucony Cortana to this pair of shoes - I was a little nervous but completely love them! They are great on the treadmill or the pavement and my feet are very happy after a long run

- headbands for holding your hair back - I like sweaty bands and BIC bands in many fun colors - the photo above is from my first half with Liz and Megan and we bought matching 
sweaty bands from the Expo. 

- a good water bottle - here is my favorite 

-Tifosi Dea sunglasses - they do not slip at all during sweaty runs and are the larger frames are more fashionable than most running glasses. I have been super happy with these, and for $50 much cheaper than oakleys - but if you want to spend more look at the Oakley Overtime, similar but twice as much money

- The marathon stick - great for massaging leg cramps in calves and hamstrings after a long run! 

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