Sunday, April 20, 2014

First Trimester Favorites

You may see a pattern in the things I've grown to love over the last 3 months - lots of comfy lounge wear, hot tea, and snacks. I've spent many an hour cuddled up on the couch with a good book and minus the pre-pregnancy vino, replaced by endless mugs of tea. I love Yogi tea as every label has an upbeat message, similar to the dove dark chocolates I am so fond of. 

With the move into the new house, I'm trying to declutter, minimize our possessions, and only bring new things into the house that we LOVE. All of these items make that list, and I've used my prior wine allowance to treat myself to a few special treats.

Minnetonka Cally slipper = happy feet! 

Luna bars and Luna protein bars these used to be lunch with a greek yogurt, now they are an afternoon snack between lunch and dinner!

Avicii on Pandora
Great gym music or stay awake music when I'm working night shift. Upbeat music leads to energy which is a prized commodity these days!

Yogi hot tea - my favorites are blueberry slim life green tea and Mother To Be tea

Benefit hoola bronzer and Smashbox primer
* these were in my everyday make up regimen...then I got lazy and dropped them to special occasion makeup. After the move, I started wearing them daily again and have been asked a few times if I've been on vacation - the primer gives an amazing glow and the bronzer makes your skin look healthy and a bit tan. LOVE them both.

Mountain Hardware monkey 200 fleece
I must thank our surgery resident for introducing me to this Mountain Hardware fleece. This fleece will have everyone wanting to give you hugs and rub your back! I've been wearing it non-stop since I got it.

Gap lounge pants
I bought these in gray and wished I would have found them years ago. Best comfy pants I own, I look forward to slipping into them every morning for coffee.

Salem Red Sox baseball games with my Bigs Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds 
By husband loves going to our local Salem RedSox ball park. I love munching on these sunflower seeds, watching the enthusiatic kids scramble around the stadium, eating a good hot dog, and people watching. 

2 hounds collars for my boxers
Now that we are in a neighborhood that is pedestrian friendly, I wanted our girls to have new snazzy collars that stay on when we go for walks. These Martingale collars are just what I was looking for. An afternoon walk is the perfect energy boost.

Please share with me your pregnancy favorites!

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  1. funny thing, my green fleece i wore all the time in PA school and until i lost last year all the time was mountain hardware monkey lol. its the best thing ever!