Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Perfect PB & J

My sweet husband just celebrated a birthday, and I thought long and hard on the perfect gift. I am so delighted with this idea that I had to share it with y'all! 

Here is a picture of the gift (this was the last gift on the scavenger hunt): 

And here is what goes with it - a year of homemade bread so that he can have his favorite lunch every single day - a delicious PB & J sandwich! I bought myself this breadmaker so that I could make us loaves of bread a few times a week. I picked the smallest machine since "we" already own lots of kitchen appliances and counter space is a premium in our house. 
After he opened the present I brought out the machine, and right off the bat he asked me if I could make rye bread. Apparently he is going to branch out a bit so this will be the year of the sandwich and trying lots of new breads from this book! Next week I'm going to attempt the "brown bagger's white bread" for a Wunderbar German bologna sandwich. I made the whole what oats n honey for the PBJ and it was delicious.

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