Monday, April 7, 2014

Overnight Oats

This is my go to breakfast on work days. It's a favorite because it's delicious and filling and I don't even think about being hungry until lunch. It's full of nutrients, fiber, and protein, and once I have a healthy breakfast I feel great and have motivation to keep eating right for the rest of the day. 
There are endless variations - though I love fresh berries and nuts, usually blueberries and raspberries with almonds or pecans. If you want to get fancy, add a nut butter, toasted coconut, or fresh peaches. I've read that drizzling olive oil is amazing on oatmeal, but have yet to try that combination.
Take three minutes the night before to combine the ingredients in a container, and you are all set. I purchased this red plastic travel mug with a lid at Bed Bath and Beyond, and it is perfect for taking these oats in your lunch box, plus the lid seals so the liquid will not leak.
I'll leave you with a quote - "If you want to find happiness, find gratitude". I'm in a messy new house that is half way unpacked, yet my dogs are snoring on their dog bed, it's drizzling outside, and I have the perfect window in the dining room where the morning light is magic and brings my photos to life.
Overnight Oats 
makes 1 large serving

2/3 cup old-fashioned oats
1 (6 ounce) container plain greek yogurt (if you use a flavored one leave out maple syrup)
1/2 milk (almond, soy, or regular) 
1 Tbsp maple syrup (or honey)
2 Tbsp chia seeds (this is the STAR ingredient - google all the health benefits)

Toppings - dried fruit, slivered almonds or pecans, nut butter, or fresh berries

Combine greek yogurt with oats, maple syrup, milk, and chia seeds. Stir well and place in container with lid. Refrigerate overnight, and the oats will plump up from the liquid. 

In the morning, add another splash of milk and your favorite toppings.

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