Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Greek Pita Sandwich

I am so grateful to have moved to a beautiful house in a wonderful urban location, and one of the best perks is being just a few miles from the best Greek restaurant in town. The owners of the Veranda Bistro have brought back an intense craving to eat authentic Greek food on the regular, and to save myself money and calories I've been making this pita sandwich at home. We've been practicing frugality in our house, and eating lunch in is a big money saver! 

I follow a couple of inspiring weight watchers foodies on Instagram, and their photos recently have featured sandwiches made with Foldit flatbreads. These girls eat the most delicious looking meals, and make healthy substitutions to save calories. The bread I used here is my favorite Joseph's Bakery miniature whole wheat pitas that are sold at our local Walmart. 
This sandwich couldn't be easier! Start with hummus, then add spinach, red peppers, cucumbers, kalamata olives, and finish it off with a handful of feta cheese. I'm sure it would also be delicious with other veggies, grilled chicken, or red onions.
I've recently taken to putting this seasoning on top of everything, including hummus, grilled chicken, and this pita sandwich. It's called Cavender's and it's sold at most grocery stores. 

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