Sunday, June 22, 2014

on marriage...

Josh and I are very fortunate to have folks in our lives that give us advice and encouragement on the challenges and joys of marriage. My grandma Shirley was the one who taught my mom to always put your husband first, which my mom shared with me before my wedding day. My dad taught me to support each others dreams, and he has quietly encouraged my mom in taking up oil painting and made custom frames for her best pieces. 

Josh's uncle Mike has also helped us a great deal. He frequently gives Josh tips and sends him little stories. His emails are honest and funny, and he's gently warned Josh that I will be a "little hormonal" at times in pregnancy and that he should be loving and patient with me. He won me over with that one. He recently taught us that love is the willingness to do anything for a single smile. 

Mike and his wife Tammy have been married for decades and have two amazing boys. Tammy is battling cancer again the third time, and you can imagine their emotions as they prepare for treatment. The other night, Mike found a way to make her smile when she feeling down. This was so sweet I've been thinking about it all week, and had to share. 

Mike turned his man shed into a concert hall. He wired some big speakers in there, pulled a chair into the middle, got Tammy out in that chair and then blasted her favorite Queen album. Now, you hear lots of stories of love, but to me that is real love. Doing something crazy just to see your favorite person in the world smile. He said after hearing a few of her favorite songs, she was laughing and dancing. We needed to be reminded this week that marriage is about little acts of love, so thank you Uncle Mike. 

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