Thursday, May 8, 2014

GaryTalk # 8: Choose Your Crowd

Think for a few minutes about the different camps of people out there. I know there is a gray scale between the extremes but I'm looking for the sense of a person being closer to one or the other.

Optimist or Pessimist
Sedentary or Active
Positive or Negative
Bright or Dull
Adventurous or Cautious

My parents were in town last weekend, and our late night conversations were about risk taking, pushing your limits, and the hard work and joy that comes from home ownership and tackling a (forever expanding) project list. We were able to do a lot in two days, including building a heavy duty work bench and planting a vegetable garden. I am so lucky to have parents that don't mind a "visit" which entails hard work. 
On the drive downtown to hear a blues band, dad shared a new way he's started thinking about people. There are those that sit around and talk about other people, and those that give them something to talk about. 

One group is out there living, being adventurous, trying new things, looking stupid and silly, and at the end of the day having a hell of a lot more fun. Clearly, by now you know what group my dad falls in. It's up to me to behave (or misbehave) such that I am there as well. You know the moment you're about to do something ridiculous and you know you will be the talk of the neighborhood, and you shrug your shoulders and do it anyways? 
a quick trip to the dump required a ride in the back to hold down the brush

Life is too short to care what other people think, to gossip, to observe life happening. Get out there and jump in. Look stupid. Laugh at yourself. Be crazy. Give the other folks something to talk about. 

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