Sunday, October 27, 2013

October Favorites & the Perfect Red Lipstick

All of my friends know that October is my favorite month of the year, and 2013 has been an epic year with a few new brilliant discoveries.  Since I love my blog readers so dearly, I wanted to share my new favorite things. 

1. Festive glassware - we have had SO much fun drinking out of these Moscow Mule mugs! From microbrews to the new signature house cocktail, these mugs are fun to hold and keep your beverage extra cold!  I bought mine on Amazon. The wine glass was a gift from my friend Sue, and I smile every time I see it. 

2.  the quintessential red lipstick - Lancome 151 Absolute Rouge

I must give credit where it's due, which belongs to my wonderful friend Cindy from Mississippi. She knows lipstick, and she pulled a tube of this out last night when we were getting ready for our Halloween party. She confided that for years she searched years for the perfect red, and this was the best she'd found. As soon as I saw myself in pictures I knew this was the one, and it's flattering on everyone. I made a special trip out today to purchase this color. I've never spent so much on lipstick, but I looked at this as an investment and loved the magnetic closure and chic black case. Today, I made Marilyn Monroe (and my mother) proud. After the purchase, I swore to the lipstick gods to wear this color at least once a week. 

3. The Brookie (the s'more I named for an engagement party) which consists of Ritz crackers, a Reese's cup, and marshmallow. I must credit Kevin & Amanda's blog for giving me the idea, which needs no explanation. The combination of a salty Ritz cracker with chocolate, peanut butter, and a gooey marshmallow is out of this WORLD. 

4. Adult halloween parties where you can dress up in a ridiculous costume, dance to 80's music, and be silly.  Josh and I embraced Halloween this year, and I plan on continuing this mindset every year. I danced with Luigi more than I danced my husband at our wedding! Next silly party - tacky sweaters! 

Mario & Luigi

Honey Badgers - if you don't get it, get on You Tube immediately. 

two of the most amazing cardiothoracic surgeons dressed up as 
Jase Robertson and the devil, complete with custom cape

impromptu 80's dance party

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