Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rise & Shine Juice

I splurged on the Urban Remedy three day juice cleanse after we came back from the honeymoon, and just needed to hit the RESET button. We loved every baguette, piece of pizza, and Bailey's Banana Colada, but coming home I needed to clean up my act and bring back the veggies.  

The cleanse was hard initially, and I was convinced I would go in to serious caffeine/carb withdrawal and feel terrible. I actually had tons of energy and was bouncing off the walls, and then slept well at night. My thoughts and ideas seemed clearer. My skin was glowing and I just felt amazing. I'd recommend it to everyone. The drawback - it was expensive, but because I paid a pretty penny I was determined to stick with the program. I was  also (a little) grumpy at night because I wanted to snack, so I just went to bed with a hot tea. 

Since we don't have a local juice shop here, I recently treated myself to my own home juicer, and with a 20% bed bath and beyond coupon I paid 80 dollars for the Breville compact juicer. I'm in love!!! I made this juice for Josh and I for breakfast this morning, and even he said that it wasn't bad. I think he was expecting it to taste like raw celery and spinach. 

I thought I'd start sharing my other favorites as I learn the art of juicing. On my list for next week is mixing in beets, kale, and mint. Please share your recipes with me!

Rise & Shine Juice
3 carrots
1 apple
1 pear
3 celery
1 cucumber
1 inch ginger

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