Saturday, November 16, 2013


If you want to watch a seriously inspiring and eye opening movie about the importance of incorporating vegetables in the diet, get on Netflix and watch the documentary Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead. You really won't believe the benefits of juicing, AND of avoiding processed fatty foods. Fast food is fat food. 

I work in a cardiothoracic surgery ICU and see patients after open heart bypass surgery. This topic is especially close to my heart, since our patient population is (mostly) a population of overweight, diabetic, sedentary patients, many of whom smoke cigarettes. The surgery is a big wake up call, and many of our patients commit to leading healthier, more active, tobacco free lives. I smile from ear to ear when I see a patient in the office who has started walking three times a week and made big diet changes because I know it's hard. 

I honestly wish that everyone got to spend a day working in a primary care office, and a day in a cardiac unit of the hospital. Once you see the long term effects of not making health a priority, it becomes clear why it's so important.  I LOVE food, love cooking food, love eating food, love baking special treats on holidays and birthdays. I also focus on the 80/20 rule, and on limiting my portion sizes. 

Mean Green Juice (from the film)
1 Bulk of kale
4 Stalks of celery
1 Cucumber
2 granny smith apples
½ lemon
Ginger root (thumb sized)

Stepping off my soap box - I am SO EXCITED to have a brand new juicer shipping to our house next week. I've been pinning juice recipes like crazy, and am seriously ready to whip up some carrot, beet, and ginger juice.  I treat myself to juice when we are traveling, but now I can whip up my very own juice right at home! If you like juice, or want to incorporate more vegetables into the diet, or just want to watch an eye opening movie about health, watch this film!  

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