Tuesday, September 17, 2013

wisdom from Skip

I basically won the lottery when I married Josh, because his parents were part of the package. I was honored to take on the family name. My in-laws (Skip and Judi) are simply the best, in so many big and little ways. Most recently,  Skip talked me into submitting a few of my best foodie photos to the local newspaper for a food styling competition, and my photos were not deemed winners. 

Skip just couldn't believe one of my photos was not selected, so he went out and bought me his own prize from the Salem fair. Below is a picture of my prize from Skip. I needed this little reminder, to keep putting myself out there, because even if I never win a competition I love what I'm doing! 

On another happy note, here is a photo of our girls on vacation at Skip and Judi's house, posing on their new Orvis beds from their grandparents. Meet the two winners of the "Spoiled Boxer of the Year" award. I'm not sure who will have more fun on vacation, us or them! 

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