Saturday, September 28, 2013

peace of mind

Until now, I could not claim to possess "peace of mind" or knowledge of how to achieve it. I like to stay busy, be creative, and work hard, but I've never been able to sit still for very long.  On a recent attempt to meditate 15 minutes every morning I literally could not do it. 

I loved so many individual experiences from our honeymoon to Saint Lucia, but the best thing that Josh and I did was shut off ALL the devices (no iPad, iPhone, kindle, or TV) and enjoy some real face time together. I read two amazing novels, lounged on a float in the ocean, and found that I could sit still for long periods of time without feeling antsy or uncomfortable. I truly found my zen. I felt calm, happy, and loved, and came home feeling refreshed, recharged, and excited for October fun...pumpkin carving, great beer, bonfires with s'mores, and long rides on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I told my mom I gained a few pounds of weight (the food was phenomenal) and a hundred pounds of perspective. 

We vowed on the way home to do a relaxing vacation at least once a year, even if on a smaller scale and just on a local beach closer to home. There is magic in escaping your daily life for a week, shutting off the devices,  and living with no plans. Just doing what feels good and right. 

  1. The BBC (Bailey's Banana Colada) - will post recipe shortly
  2. Traditional Creole Chicken 
  3. Ocean doughnuts - literally these ocean floats you crawl into with netting underneath so you can just nap with your bum and arms in the water and look out at the sea
  4. Pat Conroy, his novel The Water is Wide rocked my world
  5. Bacon and eggs for breakfast...every day.
  6. Meeting newlyweds and couples who have been married for 50 years
  7. Watching a crazy fun group of Canadian guys who have been friends since high school celebrate their combined 50th birthday party
  8. Gifting Josh's giant sombrero to Tyler the bartender - and watch every bartender and beach server wear the hat over the next three days
  9. Adventurous eating - we tried escargot, frog legs, and duck at the fancy French restuarant La Toc and loved it all
  10. Sitting with Josh at night in the gazebo and talking about our dreams 

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