Tuesday, June 25, 2013

GaryTalk #5

Less talking, More doing. 

Do you know any people that YAP YAP YAP about how they want to lose weight, plant a garden, learn a new language, or become a photographer? Then, they go the store, and BUY every item they could possibly need for this new endeavor. This may include golf clubs, running shoes, a nice camera, or gym membership.

Now, it's time to PLAN. This takes another couple of hours, to come up with a perfect set schedule of when we will do this new THING. Then, let's tell all of our friends and family about it. Oh wait, then we actually have to do the thing? Then keep doing it, over and over again, to become proficient? The reason that people are good at something is because they practice and have practiced and will keep practicing, forever and ever. 

We are all guilty of this behavior from time to time, and I appreciate being called out on it (though initially I may seem MAD). It forces me to shut up and put on my running shoes, hit the pavement and actually run. Even writing this today, I'm realizing there are a few things I need to hush up about and just do. How long did I talk about the patio herb garden I was planning in my head before I just went to Home Depot and got it all planted? Too damn long. 

Of course I can write it here, but my dad will never tell you in conversation that he is a brilliant golfer, pilot, and guitar player. Yet, when I spend time in his house over the holidays, at some point every single day he will pick up his guitar. He usually golfs twice a week and goes up in a plane once a week. He's doing. 

Dad says, Less Talking, More Doing. (LTMD). Get out there and live your life. 

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